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Is the job market broken?

The Big Picture で紹介されていたCNNの記事 "Is the job market broken?"

センセーショナルな記事に右往左往してもしょうがないとは思うのですが、こうやってグラフで見るとけっこう衝撃的だったので、リンクしておきます。要は、不況が終わった宣言してから2年以上も経っているのに、その時よりも職が減っている、Jobless Recovery という言葉を裏付けるデータです。

In fact, the current "jobless recovery" has been much worse than the last one. Some 2.35 million jobs have disappeared since the job market peaked in March 2001, 34 months ago. That long after the labor-market's peak in June 1990, about 400,000 jobs had been added.

Some economists believe globalization, technology and stagnant prices have conspired to make today's economy a great deal different than even that of the early 1990s, making it easier -- even critical, in fact -- for businesses to move work overseas, where workers' skills are growing at a fast clip.

"This is really the first post-NAFTA, post-WTO economic recovery we've ever had in this country," said Wachovia Securities chief economist John Silvia. "Because of the globalization of the labor market, the relationship between economic growth and employment is different this time than it has been in the past."

In other words, he said, "the models are permanently broken."

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